Building Space Saving Solutions

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Are you looking to create more useable areas of you home ?

Are you tired of storing home items in cramped spaces ?

Are your wardrobes overloaded ?

or could you just use a little extra space in you home?

Whether you are planning a major remodel or seeking solutions to provide for more space,

Coopers Carpentry & Construction Ltd have the services to provide you with space saving solutions you require.




Neglected spaces

Bespoke built in fitted wardrobes
Bespoke built in fitted wardrobes



Often neglected spaces and unused areas can be the answer to utilising storage, there are various ways in which we transform these space wasters in to space savers by providing you with striking designs to include Shelves , Doors,  Drawers, Cupboards and Cabinets or depending on the scale even a liveable area.

This ‘minimum maximum’ approach is a very cost effective solution.






Visit our portfolio page to view previous bespoke work.




Creating spaces

Garage converted into living space
Garage convered into living space



If it’s more space you require, this can be achieved by converting an un-used area of your house,

A well thought through garage, basement or loft conversion can have many advantages, it is very popular now for home owners to increase the size of there home instead of incurring stress and expense of moving house.

By creating a habitable space increases the re-sale value of your home, with that view a conversion pays for itself and benefits from the liveable created space.

Another advantage to this type of conversion is that most do not need granted planning permission unless it substantially alters the appearance of your home, this can save valuable time and money.

Visit our Portfolio page to view previous conversions



 Building spaces

Extension featuring pitch roof framework, facia , soffit and velux trimmers.



Building an extension, like converting has many advantages to providing you with that extra needed space.

As opposed to going up or down, going out is commonly the only way or the next step to creating space, whether it be a need for more work surface in a kitchen or a place to hang your coats in a porch, extensions provide you with all the advantages of having a bigger property without the stress of moving home and creates a new space tailored to your needs.





Visit our portfolio page for previous extensions.






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‘solution to your lack-of-space problem’.